Are you ready to show what you have learned from the book? 

Written Assessment:
Copy and respond to the following questions.  Ask your teacher for the due date.

1. What are three characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders you see in Christopher?

2. What are three ways in which Christopher is a "typical teenager"?

3. In what ways does Christopher show that he has a positive identify?

4. Do you think Christopher will be successful in life as an adult?  Why or why not?

5. In what ways do you have confidence in yourself?  How will this help you be successful in your life?

Project-Based Assessment: Create some kind of visual representation of the things upon which you base your positive identity.  Your project can be two- or three-dimensional.  When you present your project, make at least three connections to the book by pointing out ways in which you and Christopher are either similar or different.


Each project is worth 20 points.  You can earn up to 5 points for each of the following criteria:

·         Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the book.
·         Shows high level thinking skills by relating book to own life.
·         Incorporates ideas from class study and discussion.
·         Uses rules and conventions of written and oral English correctly.

5 points = Advanced 
4 points = Proficient
3 points = Basic
2 points = Below Basic
1 point = Far Below Basic