Introduction for Students

If you are thinking about attending a four-year college or university, you will probably take a class that introduces you to, and prepares you for,college-level work.  At CSUN, this course is called University 100.  And at CSUN, every fall semester, all freshmen in University 100 read the same book.  Then, throughout the university, there are activities and discussions that occur around this common reading.  This year the book that CSUN has chosen is called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. 

Here at NAHS, we will begin a program where all NAHS juniors will read the same book that CSUN freshmen are reading.  Then, you will be able to participate in some of the CSUN activities and discussions that will occur throughout the year. 

We think you will enjoy reading this book in your Advisory.  It begins with Christopher Boone, the narrator of the book, discovering that Wellington, his neighbor's dog has been murdered.  Wellington's owner calls the police and they immediately suspect that Christopher killed Wellington.  When they try to arrest Christopher, they don't understand his odd behavior because they don't realize that Christopher has autism.  As Christopher sets off to find out who killed Wellington, we will see how autism affects him, his family, and others around him.

So pull out your best crime-solving skills.  You will have to remember as you read that you will not always understand Christopher's thinking processes and you cannot always take what he says at face value.  The book will give you a lot to think about and talk about with your fellow readers. 

Enjoy Christopher's life journey, and hopefully, learn a little about your own.