Discussion Questions

1.    Get two different colored highlighters ready.  As you read the first 20 pages, use one highlighter to mark ways in which Christopher is different from you.  Use the other highlighter to mark ways in which you and Christopher are similar.  Be ready to share your findings.

2.    Look at p.13 where Christopher lists the things empties from his pocket.  What do these things tell us about him?  What are seven items you would likely have in your pocket/purse/backpack on an average day?  Explain what these items say about you.

3.    After Christopher discovers who killed Wellington, his world is shattered.  Describe his reaction.  Have you ever had your trust in someone shattered?  Was your trust in that person ever restored?

4.    Christopher succeeds because, despite all the challenges he faces, he has a positive identity.  How does he see himself?  Who do you believe is the most influential person in his life in shaping his identity?

5.    The journey that Christopher embarks on takes great courage and commitment.  Describe a time when you needed to have courage and commitment to finish something you started.