Greetings, Parents and Guardians!

This year all 11th grade NAHS students will be reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.  If you browse this website, you will learn more about all the wonderful learning opportunities this book will provide. 

Please know that in this book, there are a few occasions where strong language is used appropriately and purposefully.  If you have any questions and concerns about the presence of this language in the assigned reading and possible class discussion, please feel free to contact me.  

We hope that you will be an active partner in our new common reading program.  Your child has received a copy of the book that he/she will be allowed to highlight and keep.  Please ensure that he/she is reading at home.  Here are some questions you can ask:

·         What happened in the section of the book you read today?

·         Read me a line you think is funny.

·         Read me a line that is confusing to you.

·         Is this book really about the dog that gets killed?

·         What have you learned about Autism?

·         I read that Christopher is good at math and science.  What do you think are your greatest strengths and talents?

Thank you for your support and involvement in your child's education.

Sandra DaLie, Instructional Coach
Northridge Academy High School